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How to use custom domain
#1 supports that you can add your own custom domain to use for your MyBB forum board instead of having the "" domain.

Exclamation Please note that this requires that you have already bought your domain.

The steps below are easy to follow steps to start using your custom domain.
  1. Visit
  2. Go to Customer Login and login using your credentials.
  3. Navigate to Websites in the left sidebar.
  4. Press on the domain that you wish to change to your own custom domain.
  5. Press on the top right corner where it says Domains.
  6. There you should see a section called Add domain, in the form enter your own custom domain, for example
  7. Once the domain has been added you should go ahead and change your nameservers or setup a CNAME- or A-record for the domain to point to our servers as detailed below.
    Use our nameservers:
    Primary nameserver:
    Secondary nameserver:

  8. Or point your domain to us using your own DNS register and one of the two options below:
    A-records should point to
    CNAME-records should point to
  9. Once the domain is working and redirecting to your subdomain of, find the section called Change domain, in that form you should now be able to select the domain from a dropdown, select it and save.
  10. You are now using your own custom domain.
Please be aware that DNS changes can take up to 72 hours.
Do not contact us about DNS or certificate issues after the first 72 hours.
Most of the issues resolves themself within those 72 hours.

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